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Defendant then asked, “How big are your tits, baby? Any person who, having a specific intent to commit a crime, does or omits an act for the purpose of and tending directly toward the accomplishing of his object is guilty of an attempt to commit the offense intended; and it shall be immaterial whether, under the circumstances, he would have actually accomplished his purpose. (1) Mere preparation to commit a crime shall not be sufficient to constitute an attempt; but lying in wait with a dangerous weapon with the intent to commit a crime, or searching for the intended victim with a dangerous weapon with the intent to commit a crime, shall be sufficient to constitute an attempt to commit the offense intended. When defendant arrived at the airport, he asked the officer where the child was, and looked relieved when the officer informed him that the child was in the bathroom. The Thurston court noted that the issue of whether a defendant may be charged with attempted aggravated rape, in an instance where the victim does not actually exist, was a de novo issue in Louisiana. Because the evidence showed that defendant believed that the nine-year-old girl existed, defendant was unaware that he could not commit the rape. In the context of the requirement of an overt act, the Thurston court found that:[t]he evidence presented in this case shows that the defendant did cross the line between mere preparation and an overt act towards the commission of the crime. Defendant did not include an assignment of error regarding his 20-year sentence for attempted aggravated rape.

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