Updating panelview firmware

Alternatively, you can use the software provided by the manufacturer of your devices and download the appropriate device firmware using that interface.You might decide to install additional hardware after your initial purchase and configuration of your Blade Center S unit.However, new firmware updates and critical fixes might become available at any time.Ideally, you should plan to update firmware for all your devices at initial installation and configuration.Detect-and-deploy technology enables new or replacement hardware to be automatically configured based on your preconfigured policies, making Blade Center deployment as simple as plugging in your new servers.

Advanced Management Module, Storage Configuration Manager and IBM Director are day-to-day management tools that fulfill specific needs for managing the Blade Center S unit.

The browser-based interface is designed to help you manage your Advanced Management Module hardware in your chassis.

After you log in, the System Status Summary is displayed.

For example, you can set up one program to page the server administrator if a fan malfunctions, and another program to send a diagnostic analysis of what caused the fan failure. This feature automatically checks firmware levels for blade servers, updates blade servers, and can perform these actions for all the blade servers on the managed network.

You can also set up IBM Director to apply a new profile automatically when a new device is inserted into a Blade Center chassis or when a new Blade Center chassis is discovered.

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